Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Show me the Money, Honey!

Who loots India?  It's the "Raja Moshai" or the so called representatives of Democratic government. There is no simple answer like this. Identify. A Raja, Kanimojhi alias Karunanidhi (he knows everything. i.e., his daughter is a maha theif! literally he backs her!). Now who dares to talk against them? Is is lok pal or swami Ramdev? No they were chocked to death. only because the teeth shower of Congress led UPA and their dramatists are securing their move for hiding their pre-stolen money! simple resignation is not the solution. they are the show -offs. They try to tell that, we are doing "suddhi karan". The same shameful event before the Leftist boat sunk here in West Bengal. They try to recove their goodwill by laying off "corrupts" from ministry, but Buddhadeb was himself a TYRANT. we all know. He orders "shoot at sight". He is himself a "Harmad". Only comments and meeting at Alimuddin can not change the fortune of Bengal, need to work in reality! Only then we shall overcome...The same situation goes to any other state irrespective of its whips! India as a whole is showing its statistics and holding high level meetings...but no solid solutions coming out... If we let the thives make the rule... then they would make it in their way! Lokpal is needed. Transparent deals is of current need. Otherwise there would be great trouble inside the country. I can imagine the situation when the Army insurgents grab hold the power...many Political Assassinations.... Parliament Topsy-turvy ... and what else... the actual democracy will begin... that will end the false Nehruvian democarcy. Jai hind! Yug Yug Jio Netaji Subhas...Show us the path to freedom!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mamata Mail Aye!

The honchos of Red Army are sent to hibernation for a certain time! The Red Writer's Building is Red from outside but 'Green' from Inside. The green dare 'devil' has just arrived in with huge pressure over head. Ministers just sworn in. It is said that Didi works 24 x 7. Is it possible? Oh Really? ok! then Scientists no need to invent Robots! We need Didi everywhere! The Fast, Furious and Accurate! Mamata Mail! Next........

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Change Game

Change Game! Trap Politics!

Left, Right, Left Right! …At last, Bengal as well as India is going to witness a change on May 13 in its long drawn political battles. Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress (TMC) takes up reign of Bengal politics. You See? Though the change is just a management change, but not the ideological change; actually, of late, Leftists become orphan, sans a proper guardian, as most of the skilled leaders are aged or dead.

However, everybody knows the blue print of TMC as highly copied version of Left Front tricks and gimmicks (Jyoti Basu Style). The main thing was careful marketing of the party taking the cue from simultaneous upheavals created subconsciously by Leftists’ activities around. Politics become a business, rather than tool for state machinery. Leaders stick special glue on their back! For example, Congress’ Gandhian political heredity! Is it democracy? Or a pseudo monarchy? Democracy brings change not compromise or coalition or cheap sharing politics! Aristotle’s Fifth political cycle is probably wrong! 
West Bengal is a highly politicized state. Here only few intellectuals (pseudo, not internationally acclaimed) take part, who seek some favors from the ruling leaders. Especially, Bengalis are little more intellectual than other communities as almost all of them pass through a certain stage of political play game! The most defensive part both these political parties play is their adamancy of supremacy. Common people hardly speak their heart. Ballots can be manipulated or hypnotized with gimmicks.

Donate tender notes 100, 500, 1000 or offer free meal to poor masses, they forget everything and go behind you! What a simple trick. As a matter of fact, phoenix resurrects in different Avatar. Left gone, so what? Another left comes in! Who can say they will not run for another anarchical 35 years? Let’s see what’s happen in coming 10 years (not so long!), let them enjoy one-sixth of gravitational pull, let’s see, what ‘quality’ it gives! Milking cows and earning husbands are respected, otherwise sold off or dumped! Mind that!    
Dated: April 29, 2011 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lost Value in Business! – Never Tasted Accumulated Wealth of Yaksha (Kuber)!

The main pillar of the business is the mutual respect and value! When it is on the wane, one should understand the fall coming soon! Lehman Brother’s was a goofy episode mostly vowed with some mere paper note accumulation among its main steering chaps!
They fondled with cash and luxury than the business itself! This lascivious tyranny ended its journey. It not only harmed itself but the globe, too. The globalization brought curse!

They (West) are all greedy like British East India Company! The Rule is not over! When they are in trouble, they seek Indian summer Asylum! They need to sell theirs to the Indians, because we are helpless! The Industrial Revolution in England made India poor, jobless. Like the same Computer revolution also brought us to the same plight!  The only gainer is the riches and Bill Gates! We don’t want any machine replaces humans; we better close ourselves and invite humans keeping in mind the pace of our population. The Census 2011 is yet to come. The actual peace of mind is elsewhere in humans, not in machines!

We have lost everything but not our culture! See Japan, what a sad condition it is facing! All industrial wastes are surging up from sea, which they drained away. It has turned into a waste bin with obnoxious smells and fear of radiation! Be in nature. Easy realty developers are just making buildings but have they ever paid attention to safety? Almost no! They all know how to magnify money. They actually have no bond with their customers! No Human Touch! Once money is paid, money’s eaten!

Auditors are linked who are given authority to moral policing. PWC linked satyam fraud is well known. They pay fees to hide balance sheets! Who is Hassan Ali? He is a thief! True! But there are registered thieves who steel every now and then in front of the watchdogs! Now who are black money mongers?   Somebody well said—Accumulated wealth of Yaksha ---i.e., money can not be used but be accumulated and never be tasted! Believe it or not!  This money can buy a World! 

Advertising Ethics: Stop flying plane mid sky

Lying is buying! The big Indian bluffs in different incarnations in TV or Print media have been trumpeting trades of almost fakes extensively. Somebody selling talisman or somebody ash as powder to control dermatitis, having some verbose acclamations of limitless benefits of those products with psychological pricing as 1999/- only etc. plus delivery 299/- extra.

Whatever the strategy is, the main USP is the same- to lure away major market in favour! But the sad thing is that the government bodies are neither trying to stop superstitious selling of articles not only because of their fear to be outcast nor the TV media does have ethics!

Now who is responsible when a cat crosses a road! Indian superstitions even can stop a flying plane in the mid sky. Magical hair growth or English in just weeks following high paid jobs not only help these businesses to become fat in skyshop but also looting an average Indian household!

Corporate giants like Mahindra can buy even Times of India, (22 March, 2011 Edition) with their pesky 9 pages advertising to boast their presence in the market, but the readers expect some quality news and articles. Time of India is sold off to Mahindra! Just doing right business! They should bring out separate supplementary copies for that. The main ethics of newspaper is now become secondary. Then what we buy -company advertisements or news?

The main reason behind falling popularity in terms of TRP in TV channels is the same i.e., no innovation! Even they love to show off their sponsors at just a 5 minutes interval. Whatever they produce they can not pull huge crowd because TV industry is dying! They are collectively responsible for themselves! Stop copying USA. Do your own. Have Research! Be Human! It is too much exaggerated! News channels, especially in the Star Ananda or Aaj Tak have been wrapping ads in every production. To fear competition they are just doing it! But this fear is just fleeting and irrelevant! In terms of revenue it may be seen apparently low turnover than previous. Mind that every growth has its stagnation. The next chapter is of sunrise if seen properly! But the success of quality is lying behind the ethical code of Media!

All the Best! 

Disclaimer: the facts drawn above are not to demoralize or defame anybody but to bring light on what it should be. Thank you
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Questions to Congress: You decide to Answer

Who gave birth of rail roko or provoked political possessions stalemates the Indian daily lives? Can anyone guess? Why Trade Unions are being so much in news? Why murders of innocents at the village corners take place? Who are Naxals? Why illegal food stalking? Why belated one-eyed justice? Why scams and mud slinging activities in parliament? Why vote buying?

The answer is a spineless Congress. They are not “puruswattam” but cowards! Who inspired to coin the term ‘no first attack’ policy? Whose greed created Pakistan? Who stopped Indian Army at the threshold of Lahore in 1952 battle? Who made first ever hereditary politics in the Indian parliament? It’s better to greet Mayawati, a great Dalit. All scams ranging from 2G, Commonwealth or Bofors arises when Congress comes in power. A progress report of five years that cheerfully attracts Minus10 out of 10;

Like Libya, we need to change; no monopoly can ever last long! …Sambhawami Yuge Yuge! Feel the truth of the Gita! Incarnation of Shree Krishna in the form of Revolution worldwide. Every change is voiced from Bengal and the fruits have been eaten by the politicians in Delhi. It should not be happen again. I am confident that Miss Banerjee will win over lefts unanimously and show a new dawn to the oppressed. We don’t want to see all fuddy-duddies at all. Only Change is Constant! Accept it or perish!   

Must Read: Fie! Fie! Congress—Hay! Hay! Congress:

They are said to be the milly-mouthed since the day of their establishment by W. C. Bonnerji, a Hindu turned Christian politician. The Indian National Congress begins its journey in 1885. The contribution was all backed up by a secret bloc of the then England. Most of the activities were back-patting and wildly praised by the English rulers to give the pro Gandhians a self complacency to their activities. Now they have their one supreme commander behind in vail (Ghunghat), playing power politics!

Nabbed by the tricks of vote eating and secrecy of their so called transparency falls flat on the eve of final selection of candidates by Trinamool Congress of Mamata Banerjee;
We all know congress, since the British days, believes in round table talks rather than action. That’s why Subhas Chandra Bose founded Forward Bloc just being frustrated by Gandhians. He knew it very well, we are sons of fire but due to some laxity of morality we had to wait until 1947 came.
We are in deep shame today with the allotment of Congress candidates’ seat sharing in the Assembly election of West Bengal. The hush-hush Delhi politicians know it all by just rubbing their responsibilities to each other rather doing their best. Mamata Banerjee just made it true by breaking her silence with the Party’s final candidates into limelight. Congress is almost finished in Bengal. Most of the people believe like the Grey-haired Left Front is also an over aged party. They still try to catch people with their old catch-phrase. So let’s change now! 
দিদি পরিবর্তন হবেই ! ভরসা রেখো !

Pharma Mafia

Pharma Mafia:

In the earlier days, the dosage of a medicine was so moderate and effective that the patients never got worried for their disease. The doctors were benevolent and altruistic.  With the rapid development of Pharma sector in the world, the medical mafias are spreading their tentacles like octopus to suck the mediocre families. There are elements amongst those who are spoiling this noble profession. Their role model is not B.C. Roy, but money.

Many Indian families becomes impoverished or collapsed when faced with an acute disease. They hardly meet the daily expenses but to spend for hefty medical bill. These bills are, in most cases, either advised by the half-learned medical representative for their own sales target achievement or without investigating the low cost alternative of the same genre. Even in Delhi, there are some doctors who inject with every disease, besides making a fat bill even if it is a common fever!  

The Indian government seems to be aware of the fact but playing diplomatically with the businessmen. As it is a matter of money and investment rather the precious human assets! These ways families are compelled to go under severe poverty. As the medical bills are not well proofed and the punitive actions are not well fixed, the growth of such heinous crimes like prescribing unnecessary medicine is being malpractised!

I need not to say enough. If our president lives a 365 days like a common citizen, god forgives, may fall sick of fever or other disease and get to have treatment without naming his identity, he/she would face the same reality! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ayurveda: a new gang of mafia

We all know Ajwan or Nimbu! We all taste them with great pleasure, even without knowing the fact of its medicinal value. Take as much as possible, no side effects; actually no natural element has many side effects if not taken madly!

The days have come that many unidentified or uncategorized products sold in train or buses are called ayurvedic product! Not true, they are all mafia! Have caught new trend of business; they want to cash in on with human emotion of chronic pain or constipation! The unique selling proposition is always at an advantageous position as it is sourced from nature! Thus people believe them blindly!

Eyeing this opportunity to cash in on, pharmaceutical companies have opened new wings called ayurvedic proprietary medicine. It’s a business. People were great even before these smart pills started flooding the market! People sell! It’s business!